Late Shri M. D. Suvarna  
M.D. Suvarna was a very accomplished Indian photographer. He worked as a press photographer with The Illustrated Weekly of India before he set up Foto Corner in 1954. At that time, he was one among the very few photographers in India who had the technical prowess required for aerial photography.

In mid-1954, Shri Suvarna’s cousin, Shri Venugopal Suvarna, told him about a Baba in Ganeshpuri who could not be photographed. Shri Suvarna was intrigued by this story and decided to visit Ganeshpuri on the following Saturday.

Baba and late
Shri M. D. Suvarna    

On his first visit, he managed to get a darshan of Baba and also took some photographs. But, no sooner had he returned home and processed the film did he receive the shock of his life – the entire film roll was blank.

Shri Suvarna checked his camera and found that all the settings were as they should be, the film roll was not damaged either. He felt his ego break into a million pieces and disappear.

The very next day, he went back to Ganeshpuri and asked Baba for permission to take his photographs. After about 3-4 months of persuasion, he finally received the permission on one condition -- he must never ask Baba to pose. Shri Suvarna is the only photographer to have Baba’s blessings to take pictures of him.

All of Baba’s pictures are therefore candid shots and the only film on Baba was shot on 16mm color and black and white. Shri Suvarna also received an opportunity to record Baba’s voice on a Grundig Spool Recorder.


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Baba and late Shri M. D. Suvarna

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