Sadguru Nityananda
Sadguru Nityananda

Sadguru Nityananda always exuded an aura of divinity. Most devotees felt their troubles slip away as soon as they were near him.

He lived an ascetic life and inspired his devotees to forego material desires. His followers helped Baba bring about many changes in Indian society. Ashrams were set up, free meals and medical help were given to those who couldn't afford it and children received nutritious meals – all thanks to Baba's direction and the efforts of the devout hearts he touched.

Very little is known about his childhood, but records prove that Baba had always been an enlightened being. The powers he held were witnessed by many as he performed several miracles for devotees who had lost all hope in life.

Of the several places he visited, including Benares, Palani, Ceylon, and the Himalayas, it is Ganeshpuri in Maharashtra that was his special abode. His Samadhi shrine is visited by devotees who still feel his warmth.

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Welcome to
Sadguru Nityananda This website is our humble offering to the greatest and wisest sage, Sadguru Nityananda of Ganeshpuri.
It has been our earnest endeavour to ensure that the awareness of Baba's teachings reach all corners of the world.

We, at Foto Corner, launched this initiative to further the sadhana of Baba's followers and to offer useful information to those who have just been introduced to the words of Sadguru Nityananda.

The website presents authentic pictures of Sadguru, and facts and informative products that contain his precious legacy.

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Foto Corner

Dear Gurubandhus,

My Namaskara to Bhagavan Nityananda, Swami Janananda and Yogini Tulas Amma. My namaskara to all of you.

The grace, blessings and love of Bhagavan Nityananda enabled us to be chosen to offer our seva in form of publishing the bhajans & hymns compossed by Tulas Amma in English for English speaking devotees. In our lineage the Guru seva holds a unique position and it is only by 'Purvasanchit', blessings of our parents and elders and our own good deeds that we get to serve God and Guru. Thus credit goes to our peers and our guids and teachers who qualified us to be part of this unique seva.

We have decided, by His Grace, to place this Seva at the Lotus Feet of Gurudeva and offer our prayers to Him to enable and qualify us to offer our Seva to God / Guru lives after lives and always be in Service to Him and His devotees. We also pray for forgiveness for making any mistakes / errors while making of this book, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, either through our action, thoughts or words. We seek for his compasion and love so that we may be forgiven for that. Lastly, as Sant Kabir say "Nothing is there that I can call my own, whatever I have is all dedicated to you, if it is so what can be mine?" Yes, if Bhagavan is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, it is all by His will and of Him.

Bhagavan is best looked upon as Lord Rama and on this Shree Ramnavami day, Saturday 28th March 2015, we shall place the copies at the Lotus Feet of Gurudeva. Mr. Niranjan Suvarna, Mrs & Mr. Hematai Joshi, Mr. Mukesh Tolani, Mrs. & Mr. Anagha Mharao, Mr. & Mrs. Ashok Shanbaug have agreed to join us in our prayers. They have greatly contributed to various Seva to Bhagavan and it would be indeed a great blessing to have them with us on this day. This is a joint Seva and every single one have been part of it and hence your presence adds grace. I am sure, Gajendra & Nala, although you are separated by distance, on Shree Ramanavami Day at 10.43 am (IST) & 12 noon (IST) you will be with us. Without you two joining and participating in this Seva,it would have been incomplete. Thank you.

In His Prem,
At His Lotus Feet,
I remain

About Late Shri M. D. Suvarna
Shri M. D. Suvarna M.D. Suvarna was a very accomplished Indian photographer. He worked as a press photographer with The Illustrated Weekly of India before he set up Foto Corner in 1954. At that time, he was one among the very few photographers in India who had the technical prowess required for aerial photography.

In mid-1954, Shri Suvarna’s cousin, Shri Venugopal Suvarna, told him about a Baba in Ganeshpuri who could not be photographed. Shri Suvarna was intrigued by this story and decided to visit Ganeshpuri on the following Sunday.
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Sadguru Stavan

Sadguru Stavan
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